Friday, 6 February 2015

Vandanalu Challenge - PLEASE SHARE

In February, one of my friends from Refreshment UK will be travelling to the village of Kotipalli to work in the Faith India Children's Home, just one of many homes in India that looks after children who are either orphaned or whose parents can no longer look after them.
Simon wants to take along greetings from across the world to these people. The local greeting in Telugu to these children is 'Vandanalu' and it shows warmth, LOVE and FRIENDSHIP.
The aim is to show these children that they are cared about and cherished, so using social media, we have set up the 'Vandanalu' Challenge - where you can bring a greeting to these children by posting your videos to them.

This is a challenge of a few days and we plan to show them all of the videos at the end of the week on Wednesday 18th February 2015.
Show them that you care and say 'Vandanalu' to these wonderful children.
Make sure you also give at:…/the-vandanalu-challen…/x/8125217
Post your video to the Vandanalu Challenge on Facebook or on twitter by using ‪#‎VandanaluChallenge‬
Please donate what you can but most importantly, let’s show these children some love. Make a video on your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever and share at the Vandanalu Challenge on Facebook and using #vandanaluchallenge ! Share some love!

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